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Give now to help Stardust Startups fund impact projects and startups

Create opportunity for emerging impact entrepreneurs with projects that are working towards reaching UN Sustainable Development Goals, changing their communities, and making a difference in the world.

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$75,000 goal

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The only nonprofit providing the personal connection and genuine, hands-on interest that helps projects succeed.

Mission: Stardust Startups provides financial, moral, and social support for the innovative work of emerging entrepreneurs and early-stage startups making positive social and environmental impact in the areas of sustainability, health, and learning.

Our nonprofit is 100% supported by donations of private individuals. We believe that generosity has the power to unite and heal communities in good times and bad.

Aspiring social and environmental impact entrepreneurs are the key to our future.

Listening to their ideas and supporting their projects gives them a chance to try something new, fill a gap, and impact their local communities. Our role is to provide them with initial funding and a platform for sharing, so that the whole Stardust community may become inspired by their work, make connections, and see from new perspectives.

Our focus areas represent the three most needed areas for adaptive change in our world today.

Sustainability: We strive to live in harmony with our environment and learn from it in order to help ourselves. Natural elements and resources are ours to harness if we can do it with great respect for the Earth they come from! Sustainability projects we fund explore smart solutions that promote accessibility and renewability.

  • Integration of water-food-energy nexus in renewable, accessible ways
  • More results with fewer products, recycling/repurposing materials
  • Alternative housing solutions for affordability, accessibility, and living in balance with the environment
  • Economic durability for developing communities
  • Self-sustaining parts in a system (business, organization, project)
  • Solutions for ecological sustainability

Learning: The value of education depends on its accessibility for all and affordability, more than anything. We all have a right to be curious, learn, and grow. Stardust values openness and transparency that cultivates this curiosity and the cooperation that allows knowledge to be shared.

  • Alternative/innovative education techniques
  • DIY learning, sharing ideas, design and implementation of makerspace and co-working environments
  • Advancing technological literacy
  • Expanding ways to make learning accessible
  • Bringing new yet appropriate material to developing communities
  • Inventions which expand research in a particular field

Health: We know and value the importance of health in our everyday lives. Good mental health keeps our minds stable, conscious, self-aware, curious, and positive. Our minds are connected with our bodies, which also require quality nutrition, outdoor activity, and proper body treatment of all kinds.

  • Mental health: accessibility in emotional and behavioral improvement; happiness and more mindful mental attitude in personal, societal, and environmental health; mind-body connections to health
  • Physical health: food and nutrition awareness, affordability, and accessibility; understanding our bodies; mind/body connections to health

Because of your overwhelming support over 5 years, we have extended our goal to $75,000.

"This is an organization that cares deeply about its causes and focuses on making sure every dollar goes to make an impact in the world, in the areas of sustainability, health, and learning. Their stories are inspiring. Their impact is tangible." - Erin M

Your donations help us give to carefully selected impact entrepreneurs willing to create positive social and environmental change in their communities and the world. Become part of the community today! We encourage you to set up recurring donations to help us help others move ideas into action for positive change. Thank you for your donation!

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Stardust Startups is recognized as a nonprofit corporation in North Carolina with Federal IRS 501(c)(3) status. It is also registered with GuideStar.